Synapse XT Brain & Hearing Support Reviews: Health Benefits

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Synapse XT: Brain & Hearing Supplement

Synapse XT Reviews: Prelude

Synapse XT is just what you need to sort out all your brain and hearing issues and challenges. It takes care of all your tinnitus and other hearing problems.

Listen to Med’s story.

Med was irritated by the intermittent whittling noise she hears quite often in her ears since she came back from her last visit. She had spent her holidays at her home town in West Africa.

Med had visited a local church for a thanksgiving service, but was late and only found an empty seat just close to the public address system. Though she was uncomfortable with the loudness of the speaker during the songs and praises, Med was determined to enjoy the service.

In the night after the service, Med started hearing some ringing sounds in her ears. She knew quite well her nearness to the loudspeaker could have caused it. Her conclusion was that it would soon go away on its own.

Unfortunately, days soon turned into weeks and the annoying sound in her ears didn’t stop. She felt it couldn’t have been a serious case and concluded that when she went back to the states she would seek for medical help.

Med had to cut short her visit to her home town because as days passed by, the ringing sound in her ear was getting worse. Few days before she travelled back to Tucson, Arizona, she noticed she was finding it quite difficult to sleep in the night or concentrate during the day time.

A visit to her family doctor and some examinations and questions answered confirmed her condition. She had tinnitus. The doctor prescribed some drugs and assured her that it would soon go away.

Two weeks into her medication, Med was expecting some reliefs but the annoying sound in her ears persisted. Med was very concerned because the ringing sound in her ears has started interfering with her work and personal relationship.

Being a high school teacher, Med knew she had to find a solution to her tinnitus problems quick. Unfortunately, her doctor’s prescription didn’t seem to be working.

Three weeks into taking her prescribed drugs without any alleviations in her condition, Med started looking for an alternative solution. Her search online led her to many medical forums. There, she was promised she would get her cure if she bought some hearing solution supplements.

To cut to the cheese, Med used the supplement, not only that she didn’t get the relief she sought, her condition was made worse. The supposed supplement had a lot of harmful chemicals.

Med is not alone, a recent survey carried out in the USA showed that over 50 million adults are affected by tinnitus. For many people, the condition could just be an annoyance, but for some others, it could be life-threatening.

But, tinnitus is also prevalent among our senior citizens, I mean, people above the age of 60. As people advance in age, some of the tissues and cells may become less functional. It becomes important to augment with dietary supplements.

Tinnitus could cause psychological stress and it is very important it is treated fast. Some people have resorted to chemical drugs that only try to manage the symptoms without a cure. Others like Med have even gone ahead to try some supplements that promised a lot but delivered nothing.

Ladies and gentlemen, how would you feel if you could get a proven 100% organic brain and hearing dietary supplement that will not only cure your brain and hearing challenges from the roots, but will be pocket friendly?

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Introducing: Synapse XT Brain and Hearing Reviews

Synapse XT is a 100% natural dietary supplement that will supercharge and maintain a healthy brain and hearing. This dietary formula will flush out toxins from your brain, nourish brain cells, and improve hearing.

Synapse XT is blended from eight powerful herbs that give it much of it potency. All these herbs and plants nutrients work in harmony to support your brain cells.

Synapse XT will improve your mood and wellness.

Synapse XT Brain & Hearing Reviews: Benefits of Supplement

The eight powerful herbs and ingredients in Synapse XT work in synergy to improve your brain functions and hearing. Some of these benefits are listed below:

#1. Improve your Memory, Hearing and Focus

#2. Minimises signs of brain fatigue by improving the interaction among your brain cells

#3. Increases the sensitivity of your senses and improves your ability to analyse sound better

#4. Your life is transformed as improved hearing equally leads to an improved thinking

Affiliate Disclosure: We are affiliate marketers; what it means is that if you place an order through any of the links on this page we might make a little commission, but this will in no way affect the price you pay for the product but will help us to maintain this website and be able to write more reviews.

STOP PRESS! Synapse XT Scam Alert

I believe you must’ve seen that type of ads before, perhaps you didn’t notice them. Lots of guys now create websites that look exactly like the Synapse XT official website. They place ads on Google luring you with some ridiculously high percentage discount.

They are fly-by-night, angling online for your credit card info. And when they get it, they will use it for malicious ends. My niece, Amy, almost lost all her life savings to them in March 2020. My former school mate was scammed of his $960 in July 2020. Please, don’t be the next victim. 

Always make sure to buy through the link on this page to ensure you are taken to the authentic Synapse XT official website. Don’t buy through any random site, make sure the site is doing actual reviews of the product.

And if you’ve not made up your mind to buy, you can save this page and buy through the link here anytime you are ready. This ensures you are protected. 

You’ve nothing to fear, the Synapse XT scam or fraud you see on the internet is not about the product. It’s about criminals that want to defraud you with enticing high percentage discounted prices. 

We’ve taken time to research the product and we can vouch for its authenticity and efficacy. 

Remember, you can’t get a discount from any other places unless you buy from the manufacturer. Synapse XT is only sold on the official website by

Synapse XT Brain & Hearing Reviews: Herbs & Ingredients

We must understand that the herbs and plants extracts that are used in the manufacture of Synapse XT are all rare. Some of them took months to be acquired. The manufacturer of this health product, Bryan James, spent over 15 years researching these ingredients. His research took him to several countries and countless Pharmacological institutions.

Then, the manufacturing process was carried out in a GMP certified facility.

These herbs and ingredients are:

– Hibiscus

– Hawthorn Berry

– Garlic

– B Vitamins

– Rosemary

– Magnesium

– Potassium

– Green Tea

 We are going to analyse each of these herbs and ingredients to see their health benefits.

#1. Hibiscus 

Hibiscus calms the nervous system and prevents cancer. It’s packed with antioxidants and helps to lower blood fats levels. 

When this herb is taken raw in tea, it may show some side effects like nausea and constipation. Over-consumption of this herb may cause dizziness and fatigue.

The quantity and composition of this herb in Synapse XT are such that all the side effects in taking it raw are eliminated.

#2. Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn Berry maintains the health of your brain and normalizes blood pressure. Helps to improve the workings of the blood vessels and lowers cholesterol levels.

#3. Garlic

Garlic improves Memory and normalizes blood pressure. It lowers blood sugar and improves your physical performances. Garlic serves as antibiotic and destroys bacteria, fungi and viruses that eat up brain cells.

#4. B Vitamins

They help in maintaining good brain health and wellbeing. Vitamins B complex help in cell metabolism and impact on your energy. These Vitamins will help fight infections and flush out toxins from your brain.

#5. Rosemary

This herb extract helps the brain cells and improves your cognitive ability. It will boost alertness, intelligence and focus. This herb has compounds that possess both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. These compounds improve your immune system and blood circulation to the brain cells.

Side Effects

If this herb is eaten raw in very high quantity, it could show any of these symptoms: seizures, intestinal irritation and kidney damage, toxicity and coma. 

But, Synapse XT has you covered. The quantity of active Rosemary extract in the supplement is just enough to help your body functions without causing any side effects.

#6. Magnesium

Your brain needs Magnesium to stay healthy. Magnesium regulates muscles and nerves functions, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure. This mineral is used in making protein, bone and DNA. Your body reference daily intake (RDI) of Magnesium is 400mg, unfortunately, you don’t get up to that from foods. You can easily make it up with Synapse XT.

#7.  Potassium

Potassium is a mineral and an electrolyte the brain needs to function properly. It helps the nerves to work and the muscles to contract. 

#8. Green Tea

This tea contains catechins which serve as antioxidants preventing brain cell damage and providing nourishment for your brain. Green tea extract can reduce inflammation and help to fight cancer.

These herbs are so blended in Synapse XT that you get your exact daily body needs of these nutrients that will not cause any side effects. 

Synapse XT Brain & Hearing Reviews: Pros

– Synapse XT is 100% organic and has no harmful chemicals.

– It is produced in the USA and FDA certified.

– The nutrients nourish your brain cells and keep it healthy

– It flushes out bacteria and toxins from your system

– The antioxidants present in this supplement detoxify your body from germs

– This supplement is only sold online on the manufacturer’s website. You can’t get scammed if you buy ONLY from genuine owner’s site

– This supplement will improve your memory, hearing, and focus.

– Increases the sensitivity of the sensory nerves that lead from your ears to the brain

– All the herbs are natural and sourced from the USA, and non-GMO

– This dietary supplement is crafted in a strictly and hygienically GMP certified standard facility

Synapse XT Brain & Hearing Reviews: Cons

– This brain and hearing supplement is not a magic drug. It will take time to be absorbed by the body before the nutrients can start work. This may take months.

– You can’t buy this supplement in your neighbourhood retail shop, it is only sold online

– This supplement is only sold on the manufacturer’s website, it is not sold on Amazon or Walmart.

Synapse XT Reviews: Side Effects

Most of the reviews about this dietary supplement have been positive. The daily testimonials from satisfied customers keep on coming. There have not been any serious health issues from thousands of customers who have and are still using this product.

Synapse XT Brain & Hearing Reviews: Dosage 

Each bottle of Synapse XT contains 60 capsules and is meant to last you for 30 days. Just take 2 pills each morning with a glass of water 1 hour before your breakfast. You can also consult your physician for the dosage.

 For this dietary supplement to be effective and work, you must adhere to the recommended dosage. Make sure you don’t skip any day, also make sure you don’t take more than the recommended dosage. 

This product is 100% natural, so, it would take some time for the nutrients to be absorbed in your body before it works. It could take months before you start seeing significant effects, but surely, it will deliver.

Synapse XT Reviews: Pricing

When you consider the many works of this supplement with the price, you will realize you’ve only got a bargain. I mean, what can’t a man give to support the proper and healthy functioning of his brain? Who would not like to support his ears? Who would like to be shouted at before he can respond?

If Bryan James had priced this dietary supplement $200 per bottle, I wouldn’t have complained. But, he said that the idea is not about making millions, hence, he is giving it out for a token.


Price: $69 per bottle 


           $7.95 for domestic shipping and handling

It will take between 3 – 5 days for domestic orders to arrive at your destination. For international orders, it could take between 10 – 12 working days.


Price: $294 for 6 bottles

You get a discount of 30% on 6 bottles today + FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING


Price: $177 for 3 bottles

You get 15% discount on the 3 bottles + FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING

All the prices mentioned here are ONLY FOR TODAY. To source for the herbs and plant extract was very difficult. The herbs are very rare. It takes at least 3 months to get all the herbs and ingredients that go into this product.

The present stock is fast selling and very soon will finish, there are chances the prices will increase. If you BUY TODAY, you won’t only buy cheap, you will get a discount. Hurry before the present stock finishes.


Synapse XT Brain & Hearing Reviews: Who Can Take This Supplement?

Every adult who wants a healthy brain and good hearing support can take this supplement. Students, moms, dads, workers, Sportsmen and women…

This supplement shouldn’t be given to kids below 18 years. Pregnant and nursing moms should consult their doctors.

Synapse XT Brain & Hearing Reviews: Testimonials

Linn, NYC

My name is Linn and I’m 68 years old. I’m a retired soldier, so I can say I’m enjoying my retirement now. In January of 2019, after coming back from a function, in the night it was like I was hearing some roaring sound in my ears. 

I didn’t really understand it initially, but after consulting with my doctor, he said it was tinnitus. He told me it would soon go away on its own, but 2 weeks after, it didn’t.

My friend eventually recommended Synapse XT Brain and Hearing supplement to me. He assured me it worked for his brother who had the same problem. By the time I took the supplement for the first 3 weeks, I started seeing changes. And at the end of 6 months, every symptom of tinnitus had gone. I observed the sharpness in my hearing and my mood has also improved a lot.

The testimonials are coming in on daily basis. So many people, both customers and reviewers have had lots of fantastic things to say about Synapse XT. You are on the line to be the next testifier if you take action NOW. 


Synapse XT Brain & Hearing Reviews: Return Policy

Every person who has used this dietary supplement have had great things to say about it. But, everybody is not the same. If you have any reason why you can’t continue, or you are not totally satisfied with your result, you can get your money back. 

Bryan, the owner of Synapse XT wants you to use this product. He believes so much in the efficacy of this health product. All the risk of this product is on Bryan. He asks you to ORDER SYNAPSE XT NOW and use it. He said if you are not 100% satisfied with your result to contact him within 60 days and have your money back. 

Of course, when you order for Synapse XT today, Bryan will send an email to you with his contact. He is there always to help and encourage you all through the period of your treatment and beyond. He’ll answer all your questions and resolve all your concerns.

Synapse XT Brain & Hearing Reviews: Our Verdict

Synapse XT is for everybody that desires a healthy brain and hearing support. It is very important that if you are above the age of 60, whether you’ve developed tinnitus or not, to use Synapse XT. 

This dietary supplement will nourish your brain cells and revive dead cells and tissues in your brain. In addition, it will kill bacteria that eat up your brain cells and flush out toxins from your brain.

Bryan has demonstrated his beliefs in his health product by offering a 100% money back within 60 days of purchase. Meaning, he has decided to bear all the risk. That means you are not spending a cent unless you are 100% satisfied.

I really think you should give this one a try. All the reviews I’ve read about this product have been very positive. 

The scam alerts I have seen in a few places on the internet when checked had no complaints about the product. They are just only warnings to always be sure you are being directed to the genuine website of the owner.

I’m giving this health product, Synapse XT, a thumb up.

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