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What Is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce is another name for online stores. If you've ever thought of selling to your customers online or through the internet, then this is for you. But, it's deeper than what you think, you are not just displaying your goods for customers to see and make payment through your bank account, No. They'll do all their transactions on your website. Peeneto will build your E-commerce site with the latest technology obtainable in the industry. You don't worry about the security of your stores for we have got your back.

Company Portal

Peeneto will help you create a presence for your company online. Our services go farther than that: your clients can get 'info.' about the latest happenings in your organization; they can log in and log out; they can create an account on your site, and do serious transactions with you. We will help you meet all the expectations of your customers and even beyond by providing excellent web services for your organization. With Peeneto, you don't worry anymore about your security online because we have your interest at heart, you're protected.

Mobile Apps

Every serious business today needs a Mobile App. I don't mean the mobile version of the Website. By Mobile App here, I mean a Mobile Application you can download through GooglePlay and install on your Mobile devices. You can access this App any time by just pushing a button. Peeneto will help you create a mobile app to give your customers and clients a great experience of accessing every information they need from your organization by just pushing a button. Most people are accessing the internet today on their hand-held devices, make it even easier for them by getting a mobile App.