ReVision New Brain & Eye Dietary Supplement Reviews

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ReVision New Brain & Eye Dietary Supplement

ReVision New Brain & Eye Dietary Supplement is a 100% organic formula that will maintain and supercharge a healthy brain and vision.

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Just take a few minutes and think about the importance of your eyes. You can agree with me that it is very small but sensitive. It is actually one of the “common senses”.  I’ve been asking myself why they are “common” for quite a good number of years, bros, if you know, do tell me.

Your eyes are your windows to the world. With the pairs you can behold the beauty of everything you see, you can appreciate nature, read your books, and do quite a lot of things. I wonder what man would’ve been without the eyes.

Let us also spare a thought for some of our brothers and sisters that are blind or can’t see. Have you ever imagined yourself blind? Well, many people will reply, never! It can’t happen to me! But we shouldn’t forget even those who were either born blind or became blind somehow in their lives didn’t wish it on themselves.

Now listen up, according to statistics by the CDC, over 1 million people in the USA are blind. But wait just a bit, over 3 million of the 40 million people who suffer vision impairment continue to have vision challenges even after corrections and surgeries. 

The brutal truth is that anybody can become blind. What’s important is that you must make sure you don’t get blind out of neglect or because of a simple issue you can easily sort out.

The most important question here is, how often you take care of your eyes and brain? The two of them are actually interconnected because the optic nerve from your eyes always leads to your brain. Your brain interprets your vision and offers your perspective. If anything damages the sensory nerves leading to the brain, your vision is either blurred or impaired badly. 

All over the world, you see people using different aids to either read or see objects. In the USA alone over 40 million people are having one type of eye problem or the other. Of course, some of these eye challenges can be managed without much problems with recommended glasses when they are only eye defects.

The real concern is when any part of the eyes is attacked by bacteria and damaged. Take, for instance, anything that happens to the retina or the optic nerve to the brain will surely affect our eyes. This is no joke, any mouth or gum infection can easily progress to your brain and attack your brain cells.

The truth is that your dental health is also connected to your brain health and most of the time you eat without brushing your teeth with fluoride or even flossing. What happens is that when you sleep, your mouth bacteria acts on those pieces of food particles stuck between your teeth and produce toxins.

These toxins can be hazardous, and in most cases, they progress with age. No wonder in most adults above 40 their eyes can’t function well. The toxins have attacked the brain cells, hence, they’ve developed some eye diseases.

As we take care of other parts of our body, it’s important we take care of our brain and vision health.

Some of these eye diseases, like macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts are somehow linked to the sensory nerves of the brain. Any damage to our sensory nerves can lead to any of these conditions. Unfortunately, the degeneration will get worse with age.

Many people usually visit hospitals to treat eye diseases. That is always the first option. The only problem here is that some of these treatments, especially where eye operation is involved, hardly sort out the problem. Doctors treat symptoms, and not the root cause of a disease.

Some others who decide to buy eye dietary supplements end up buying fake ones that have a lot of harmful substances.

So, how would you feel if you can get a naturally formulated dietary supplement that can help you manage all your brain and vision problems without side effects while being pocket friendly?

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Introducing: ReVision New Brain & Eye Dietary Supplement Reviews

ReVision New Brain & Eye Dietary Supplement is a natural way to supercharge and maintain your brain and vision health. It is made from a blend of eight rare herbal plants that work in synergy to nourish your brain and improve your vision health.

Affiliate Disclosure: We are affiliate marketers and will make a small commission if you buy through any of the links on this page. This won’t affect the price you pay for the product but will help us to maintain this website and write more reviews.

These rare herbal plants are as follows:

Huperzine- A

Alpha GPC






Caffeine Anhydrous

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid

Bacopa Extract

We are going to take time to analyze the health benefits and side effects of each and every nutrient in the blend.


This substance is used to improve memory and mental function for people with Alzheimer’s disease or with other forms of dementia. It works by improving the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Alpha GPC

This is the active ingredient in soy and some other plants. It is used to improve memory and cure dementia, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease. Alpha GPC will help you improve your cognition.


A fatty substance that protects the cells in your brain and acts as neurotransmitters. It helps to keep your mind and memory sharp. This substance will decrease your hyperactive cortisol production and offers you restful sleep. The production of Phosphatidylserine in your body significantly decreases with age.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B complex helps maintain good health and wellbeing. They impact your energy levels to improve your brain function and cell metabolism. It helps to prevent infections and promotes red blood cell formation.


This is an amino acid found commonly in green and black tea leaves. L-Theanine has a calming effect on the brain, it promotes relaxation without drowsiness. 


It is good for improving mental performance, alertness, and memory. L-Tyrosine is effective when used to treat Parkinson’s disease, depression, or Attention Deficient Disorder (ADD).


Also called Vitamin B3, Niacin is produced by your body and uses to turn food into energy. It helps keep your skin, digestive, and nervous system healthy.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Serves to stimulant athletic performance and improve weight loss. It stimulates the nervous system, clears drowsiness, and boosts energy.

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid

GABA is a naturally occurring amino acid that functions as a chemical messenger (neurotransmitter) in your brain. It relieves anxiety, improves mood, and treats attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Bacopa Extract

It is used mainly as a memory and learning enhancer, sedative and anti-epileptic. It boosts brain function and alleviates anxiety and stress. 

ReVision New Brain and Eye Dietary Supplement Reviews: Herbs Side Effects

It is extremely important you understand that most of these active ingredients are extracted from natural plants and veggies. Of course, when you consume any of the herbs raw, you’ll get the active ingredients AS WELL AS THE TOXINS. Now, you need to understand that every plant produces toxins to protect itself. When you eat any of these herbs raw, you’ll be affected by its side effects.

What Revision New Brain and Eye Dietary Supplement have done is extract all these active ingredients in their purest forms from these herbs and achieve the most appropriate mix. Revision takes the active elements and leaves out toxins. Revision ensures that what would’ve been the side effects if the herbs were eaten raw was totally eliminated.

ReVision Reviews: Scam Alert!

The internet is full of scammers. They are just everywhere. Some guys now create websites that look exactly like the Revision manufacturer website. They place ads on Google with very high percentage discounts just to lure their victims to their website. They are just after your credit card info. When they get it, they use it for nefarious purposes. My wife lost her $1700 in December, 2019 to them. They haven’t stopped yet, please don’t be the next victim.

If you’ve made up your mind to buy Revision Brain and Eye supplement, click on >>>>>> this link so that you will go to the genuine manufacturer’s website <<<<<<. Always make sure you buy through the links on sites that do the actual reviews of the product, this is to avoid losing your hard-earned money to fraudsters.

You can still save this page if you are not ready to buy now. When you are ready, buy through the link on this page to ensure you are being directed to the genuine ReVision website.

We’ve used this supplement in our family. My wife talked quite a lot about it, though she lost some money initially to fraudsters, we still bought the product later. I’ve used this product and I can vouch for its efficacy and genuineness. 

The scam you see on the internet concerning the product has nothing to do with the quality or performance of this product.

ReVision New Brain and Eye Dietary Supplement: Pros

#1. The supplement is 100% natural without any toxins or harmful chemicals

#2. It is clinically tested in the USA and certified by FDA

#3. All the herbs used to produce this supplement, though rare, are all sourced in the USA and non-GMO

#4. Revision New Brain and Eye supplement supports your vision, memory, and focus.

#5. Promotes intercellular communication and minimizes signs of brain fatigue.

#6. Supports excellent vision and nourishes your brain and eyes.  

#7. This product is manufactured in a strictly observed and hygienically tested GMP certified environment and third-party tested to ensure compliance with the standard.

#8. Only sold online by, if you are directed to the genuine website, you will surely buy the original product.

#9. Lastly, if you use Revision Brain and eye Supplement, you can circumvent that surgery. Yes, you heard me well, with Revision, there may not be any need for that eye surgery.

ReVision New Brain and Eye Supplement Reviews: Product Cons

#1. This product won’t be expected to work magic immediately you put it into use. It is an organic product, hence will take time to be absorbed by the body before it starts working.

#2. Results may start showing after three weeks or months. This is because this product doesn’t treat the symptoms you see, it cures the root cause of the eye disease.

#3. The fact that it is only sold online means you can’t get it at your neighborhood stores.

ReVision New Brain and Eye Supplement Reviews: Dosage

Everybody can use the ReVision Brain and Eye supplement. You don’t have to wait to develop an eye disease to use this product. It will nourish your brain and eyes and improve your cognition and vision.

A bottle of Revision contains 30 capsules, and it’s meant to last you 30 days. You take 1 capsule of revision 1 hour after breakfast with a glass of water. The supplement is easily absorbed by the body, and you feel reinvigorated and energized. 

To get the full benefit from this product, you must ensure you don’t skip your medication. Don’t also take an overdose, that won’t cure the eye disease quicker than it’ll take. Always adhere to the prescription on the bottle.

ReVision New Brain and eye supplement Reviews: Pricing

When you compare the price of this product with all the works it does, you’ll feel the owner is just giving it out for free. But according to the manufacturer, the price of the product is just to cover the cost and not about profits.

BASIC PACKAGE: 1 Bottle – 30 day supply

Pricing: $69 + $7.95 for shipping and handling in the USA

It takes between 3 – 5 days to get your order if you live in the USA

Internationally, it takes between 10 – 12 days to get your order, international shipping and handling may apply.

Best Value Package: 6 Bottles – 180 days

Pricing: 6 Bottles– the pack is $294, instead of $414

That is $49 per Bottle + Free Shipping.

Most Popular Package: 3 Bottles – 90 days

Pricing: 3 Bottles – the pack is $177 + Free Shipping and Handling

You will get a 15% discount on 3 – pack.


All the prices and bonuses mentioned here are only applicable today. From the information available to me, the present stock is almost sold up and the herbs are rare. It takes at least 3 months to gather all the herbs before production is started. What it means is that the prices will change, but if you buy now, you won’t have to worry about the price increase, plus you get a discount.

ReVision New Brain and Eye Supplement Reviews: Return Policy

Revision is backed by 60 days money-back guarantee. The manufacturer wants you to use the product and get all its benefits. He has agreed that you can return the product within 60 days and get your money back if you are not fully satisfied. He is even ready to accept empty bottles that tell you how much he trusts the efficacy of his product.

ReVision New Brain and Eye Supplement: Our Verdict

All the reviews and testimonials I’ve got about this product have been positive. Haven also used the product myself, I can say that the claims by the manufacturers are not fake. More people are still testifying on a daily basis and you could be the next person in line to testify if you take action now. I’m giving Revision New Brain and Eye dietary supplement a thumbs up.

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