Promind Complex Memory Supplement Reviews: Health Benefits

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Promind Complex

Promind Complex Memory Supplement is the solution you need to restore your dead brain cells, improve your memory and cognition.

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The human brain is very powerful. Your memory and intelligence are controlled by these parts of the brain: the amygdala, the hippocampus, the cerebellum, and the prefrontal cortex.  Some people appear to have a “sharp brain”; they can easily remember things, they have a great retentive memory while some other people are not blessed with that. At schools, the teachers are always pleased with kids that can easily remember and recite what the teachers have taught the students.

Irrespective of what a person has in terms of retention, I believe that the brain is created in such a way that we can always improve its cognitive ability. I was a teacher at an intermediate level school for some years, teaching adolescents Physics and Mathematics. It was always a surprise to me that a student who couldn’t fare well in these subjects could discuss the English Premier League with a lot of accuracies and even knew the names of the players, the dates they signed their contracts and other things about the teams they supported. 

The same thing also goes for movies and other areas of entertainment. There are a lot of students you could say do not have good retention, but when you see them discuss the movies they’ve watched, the various scenes, the actors, and everything involved you just look at them with awe. They would even tell you all the movies the actors/actresses have featured in before and so many other things.

And this really got me asking questions, why would a person who doesn’t do well in mathematics, for instance, be so good at some other subjects or other areas that catch their fancy? Whatever we show interest inconsistently, our brain tends to grow or develop towards that interest.

It will make more sense for some folks to watch a late-night movie on television for 3 hours than to read a novel, in most cases, they sleep off on the novel. I have a teacher friend who can’t work at a computer for up to 15 minutes without sleeping off, yet, he is a brilliant Biology teacher.

These are questions that will continue to agitate our minds, the relationship between our mind and the brain? Why some people are always having memory lapses while some other people seem to have super memory that works like a computer?

A particular incident happened when I was growing up in my village in West Africa. In my Elementary School, students were required to give speeches during the morning assembly. The school said it was a way of preparing the students to grow and overcome stage flight and other challenges. So, the speech thing was done according to our numbers on the school register. 

When it was my cousin’s turn, he tried to dodge it by not coming to school, so, I went to his place and the two of us spent time reciting the topic he would speak on until I was convinced he had mastered it. The following day we both went to school together happily and during the morning assembly he came out to give his speech. Unfortunately, my cousin, Chris, had forgotten everything we learned the night before, he just stood there staring at the students while we stared back at him. I really felt bad, it was a memory lapse; this same cousin would go on to become a brilliant medical surgeon later in life.

This is not exclusive to my cousin, people do have memory lapses, to some people, it may just occur for some time and stop, but for others, it may be more severe and may need some medical treatment. When you experience this type of situation during your development, it could be corrected, but if you are already an adult or above 50, it may actually require some treatment. It could be as a result of a disease or even a bacteria in the mouth or some other parts of the body that has affected the brain cells.

Treatment will be needed to correct the situation and restore the brain to function optimally again in adults. It is always better not to allow issues like this to degenerate or get out of the hands. 

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Hospitals will charge you an arm to treat dementia or manage Alzheimer’s disease if what started as memory lapses is allowed to degenerate, yet, in most cases, you are being treated with chemical drugs with their attendant side effects. Most drugs for memory issues in the market promise you a lot but their delivery has always been in question.

So, how would you feel if you can get an organic supplement that will treat your memory lapses from the root; kill the mouth and gut bacteria that attack your brain cells, flush out toxins from your brain, and improve your cognitive ability while being pocket friendly?

Introducing: Promind Complex Memory Supplement Reviews

 Promind Complex is a nootropic organic brain health oral supplement that aims to provide a nutritional boost to the brain and improve our memory. This supplement restores our brain health and improves its sharpness and retentive ability.

Promind complex is made 100% from plant extracts, so it contains no synthetic chemicals and non-vegan. All the plants used to manufacture this product were sourced from the United States of America; they are non-GMO herbs.

Promind Complex Memory Supplement Reviews: Ingredients

Professor Henderson scientifically combined 7 powerful natural herbal plants in the most appropriate proportions to create this brain nourishing formula. These herbs are: 

Gingko Biloba





St. John’s wort

Bacopa monnieri

The nutritional powers of Promind Complex are directly derived from the combination of the plant nutrients that went into its manufacture. This product has combined all these nutrients at a proportion that is most sufficient for your daily needs.

We are going to analyze these herbal plants one after the other.

Gingko Biloba

The leaves of Gingko Biloba are reputed to contain some powerful phytonutrients that can be effective in the treatment of cerebral vascular insufficiency, cognitive disorders, dementia, and memory loss. Gingko Biloba extract has also been used traditionally for the management of Alzheimer’s disease.


This protein is very important for fatty acid metabolism in the mitochondria of the cells. This anti-inflammatory compound is used to manage a variety of mental disorders including Alzheimer’s disease, age-related memory loss, and late-life depression.

According to Wikipedia, this phytonutrient can improve the length and quality of our sleep as well as showing a great calming effect on the brain.


This phospholipid protects the cells in our brain and serves as a neurotransmitter between them. Phosphatidylserine helps to keep your mind and memory sharp. The challenge is that the level of this important hormone in our body decreases with age, but with Promind Complex, we can easily get our daily body requirement for effective functioning our the brain.

A clinical trial of Phosphatidylserine shows that in people with less severe symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, treatment with this phytonutrient for 6 – 12 weeks can improve some of the symptoms of the disease.

According to Wikipedia, research conducted in 2019 has proven that this nutrient can improve cognitive retention in the elderly.


This derivative has been used in Europe for the treatment of cerebrovascular disorders such as stroke and dementia for the past 30 years, but only used in nootropic drugs in the USA.

A recent clinical trial indicates that this plant extract can be used to enhance memory and increase brain metabolism. 

This nutrient has been found to be able to dilate our arteries and veins and help to transport blood and oxygen to tissues for cellular metabolism.

Huperzine A

According to Wikipedia, a 2013 meta-analysis of Huperzine A found that this plant extract may be efficacious in improving cognitive functions, global clinical status, and activities of daily living for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease.

It is also found to improve memory and mental function.

St. John’s wort

St. John’s wort is effective in the treatment of depression in young adults as well as symptoms that go along with moods such as nervousness, tiredness, and trouble sleeping.

Bacopa Monnieri

This plant extract has been used for thousands of years in China traditional medicine for the treatment of memory loss, reducing anxiety, and treating epilepsy.

Recent research proved its efficacy in treating anxiety and stress.

Promind Complex Memory Supplement Reviews: Benefits

– Promind Complex is 100% natural since it is produced from natural plants

– It kills gut bacteria as well as infectious bacteria in the mouth and gum

– It helps to replenish brain cells that have been damaged by gut or mouth bacteria

– It can improve your cognitive as well as the retentive ability

– It helps to dilate the blood vessels so that blood and oxygen are easily carried to tissues and cells.

– The many helpful nutrients in this supplement help to clear toxins and nourish the brain

– It has the ability to reverse early symptoms of dementia in our senior citizens

– It has been successfully used traditionally in countries like China, India… to manage Alzheimer’s disease

– Promind Complex is produced in the USA, all the herbs are sourced locally in the USA

– It is manufactured in a strictly supervised high hygienic environment and FDA certified

– This supplement is non-vegan and non-GMO

– It is affordable and you can get a bargain if you place an order today

– This product is only sold on the manufacturer’s website by Clickbank; there are no imitations

Promind Complex Memory Supplement Reviews: How Does It Work?

Before we look at the way this brain dietary supplement works, it is important I remind you that besides diseases or sicknesses that might affect the brain cells, no person is really created dull.

I’m of the school of thought that believes that just as we work to improve other parts of our body, we can equally work to improve our brain to retain and remember events. Yea, everybody might not have the same levels of retention, but you can always improve your brain if you exercise it and practice healthy living.

Of course, this may not apply in all situations, as we grow old, some of the cells in our brain die off due to the wears and tears of life which one way or the other affects every mortal, as a result, our brain’s neurotransmission ability is greatly affected so that one begins to have occasional lapses in remembering dates and events.  In severe cases, it could even lead to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease if not treated on time

It‘s needful that when you’re faced with memory loss, you don’t need to panic, you may not even need to visit your doctor yet, first try out Promind  Complex for at least 2 months and try to observe your results before any further actions.

Promind Complex is a brain cell booster that works from the inside out to destroy disease-causing germs in your mouth and guts and flush out the ones that have already affected the brain cells. See also Steel Bite Pro.

After the infections are eradicated, Promind Complex nourishes the brain back to its optimum performance. According to the manufacturer of this product, “you will start observing increased sharpness in both your retention and memory by the time you would have taken this product for 6 weeks. He said that forgetting your beastie’s birthday, wedding anniversary and the likes will be a thing of the past.” 

Promind Complex Memory Supplement Reviews: Who Should Take This Supplement?

It is very obvious, anybody who wants to nourish his brain cells and boost his retentive memory can take Promind Complex? Any adult suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease at its early stages can reverse or manage it with Promind Complex.

Who Shouldn’t Take Promind Complex?

Pregnant women and young people below the age of 18 years should consult their doctors before they take this supplement. Also, if you are treating other illnesses or under some medications, you will need the approval of your doctor.

Attitudes and Lifestyle that Affect Your Brain

It is always better to “jaw-jaw” than to “war-war”, in other words, prevention is much better than cure. There are a lot of lifestyles we live that ultimately affects our brain cells. 

Some of these lifestyles are:

Alcohol: There are people who can’t do without alcohol even for a single day. Some people take as much as 2 liters of beer in a day. Some others drink gins and spirits as if they were drinking water. Alcohol will always affect the hypothalamus of the brain and could dehydrate some of the brain cells such that they die off and worsen your memory.

Chemical Drugs: One thing about a lot of chemical drugs in the market is that they can work wonders; they try to cure one disease and end up creating another. The synthetic chemicals in some of the drugs we take end up destroying our brain cells over time.

Dehydration: Over 80% of our brain is water; the brain can’t stand dehydration by whatever guise. We must avoid attitudes that can lead to brain dehydration like alcohol, smokes, starvation, even when we decide to fast, we should drink enough water.

Smoking and Caffeine: So many folks can’t seem to feel good when they’ve not smoked. People feel high when they smoke because the smoke travels to the brain cells and stimulates the hippocampus in the brain and forces it to work faster and stay alert. Caffeine as well as nicotine from kola nut, though, without smoke, will still stimulate a part of the brain and force it to work harder. Over time the accumulated effects of these drugs are not very pleasant to our brain and can cause dementia. 

Some Contact Sports: Boxing, Wrestling, Car racing, and American football, are some of the sport most of us love and enjoy, but we shouldn’t lose sight of the adverse effects of these sports on the participants. Some of the actors have died from head injury, some have developed very bad health conditions due to the beatings they received during their active days.

Brushing With Fluoride and Flossing: If you are the type that doesn’t brush at least twice in a day and floss your teeth before you go to bed, you may actually be inviting mouth and gut bacteria to not only destroy your enamel and gum but also eat up your brain cells and put you into trouble. You must maintain proper dental hygiene. 

Promind Complex Memory Supplement Reviews: Steps To Improve Our Memory Naturally

Be Determined To Acquire Knowledge: This particular step goes to every student or young person. All of you in the class may not have the same level of intellect or even memory, but your determination can be the game-changer. You must show interest and ready to stick out your neck and push harder. As I have said, the hypothalamus of the brain is created in such a way that it opens up and becomes receptive to whatever you show great interest in overtime.

Recitation: Reciting things and reading things out to yourself helps to improve your memory. If you really want to develop a superfast memory, try to teach others what you have studied or know. They could be your classmates or course mates, or even your juniors, you can form a study/lecture group, show seriousness about it and you will be surprised in no distance time.

Never Give Up: See every insult and yapping as a challenge to improve and do better, never allow insults on your present inability to discourage you and become your finality. 

Drink Enough Water: Water is very important for our brains to function optimally, we must keep our brain hydrated all the time. We must stop lifestyles that dehydrate our brains and cause memory lapses.

Try Solving Some Difficult Task: This could be a mathematics question or any task that really stretches your brain to its limits. It could even be a puzzle that will require you to task your brain. Play games like the chase, draft, etc. Some of these games may help you think deeper and exercise your brain and improve its alertness.

Be Close to Nature: At times you need to relax your brain, try getting enough ventilation and sleep, go out in the sun and enjoy it if possible relax under a tree shade and absorb the beauty of nature around you.

Engage In Physical Exercise: This is absolutely important and will help us to avoid certain diseases like dementia, heart disease, diabetes, etc. When we exercise we cause our hearts to beat faster and the system to pump blood to cells and tissues faster and better. The sweat that is burned out during exercises helps in burning fats and removing toxins from our bodies. 

Eat Well: You can’t afford to eat foods rich in nutrients that will help to nourish your body and brain. Foods that will provide the necessary protein and amino acid your brain needs as well as the phytonutrients that will help to replenish and nourish your brain cells to be more alert. Certain foods such as egg, meat, beans are rich in amino acids and can help nourish your brain and improve its alertness. On the other hand, some vegetables like tomato and broccoli contain phytonutrients that can help improve brain functioning.

Purchase and Administration

Where can we purchase Promind Complex?

Promind Complex can only be purchased at the manufacturer’s website. It is sold by Clickbank. This product is not sold by Amazon or Walmart or any other stores except at the owner’s website. It should be noted that this product is not sold offline, so, you can’t see it at any of your neighborhood stores.

Click here to visit the manufacturer’s website

1-bottle of Promind Complex contains 30 pills and will last for 30 days. Promind Complex is taken one capsule per day in the morning with plenty of water, at least 1 hour after a meal. This dietary supplement should be taken at least for a period of 2 months so as to get its full health benefits. Remember, this product is organic, don’t expect it to work wonders within a few days. It needs time to be absorbed in your system before it starts delivering the goods.

Promind Complex Memory Supplement Reviews: Prices and Return Policy


 30 days’ Supply

 A bottle is sold for $69 only instead of $99 if you purchase today from the manufacturers. You a saving $30 on a bottle if you order today. The shipping is free.


180 Days’ Supply

$49 per bottle

Total for 6 – bottles is $294 instead of $594. This is definitely a bargain! Free Shipping.


90 Day Supply

$59 per bottle

The total cost for the 3 bottles is $177 instead of $297. 

Free Shipping

Click here to place an order

The manufacturers of this product are very confident of their product, hence, they have decided to offer a 100% 60-day, empty-bottle, no question asked, and a money-back guarantee on this product. The way it works is simple, place an order now and use this product, if for any reasons you are not happy with your results, just return the product, even empty bottles, within 60 days of purchase and you will get your full refund without any questions. 

The prices stated here are only applicable while the product lasts. People are placing orders for this product in their hundreds every day and I don’t know how long these prices could be sustained. I also understand that the cost for the ingredients for this product is increasing and that will reflect very soon on the prices, so, if you place your orders today, you can still get it at a bargain.

Promind Complex Memory Supplement Reviews: Our Conclusion

This product is 100% organic, the manufacturers promised it is efficient and affordable and also better than similar products in the market. Moreover, they’ve backed their claim with 100% money back, no questions asked, empty bottle guarantee so I can’t see why you shouldn’t give it a try. The product doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and there are no chances that it would affect your health negatively if you follow prescriptions on the bottle or as stated in this review.

Many thanks for reading, have a great day!


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