Perpetual Income 365 Reviews: Does It Work?

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Perpetual Income 365

Perpetual Income 365 Affiliate System was designed to help ‘everyday people’ who might be fully engaged in other jobs, the opportunity to make residual incomes online that might potentially grow to replace their regular jobs.

This Program was created by Shawn Josiah from Singapore. Shawn is an Affiliate Marketer who has created a name for himself. But starting wasn’t really easy, so he created this program with newbies in the Affiliate marketing business in mind.

This program will jumpstart you into Affiliate Marketing if you’re a newbie. That’s not all, if you’ve been finding it difficult to make your first commission in Affiliate Marketing this Program is definitely for you.

Perpetual Income 365 was created to take away all the hassles of Affiliate Marketing and simplify the process so that everybody can get started and easily find success without much effort.

Essentially, Shawn’s program is a plug-in profit system that primarily focuses on email marketing.

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Perpetual Income 365 Reviews: Pros

• Almost all the work has been done for you by the system. You aren’t building your landing page or hosting your website on any paid server or starting a blog. All you need is to promote your landing page and drive traffic. The most beautiful thing here is that even the right way to drive traffic is taught you in traffic Crusher.

• When compared with its competitors, this program is quite cheap, yet powerful. It’s only $47.00 per month compared to Clickfunnel which is $97.00 per month.

• Your Email list is yours forever, even when you decide to discontinue the program, you can still promote other Clickbank (or even other networks) products to your Email lists.

• The best part is that Perpetual Income 365 Program gives you a SOLID FOUNDATION in online business. It teaches a newbie both the basic and advanced stages of Affiliate Marketing. The program remains the best way to start, especially, if you don’t want to waste precious time, and you can take the skills you learn here to other niches in the future and have greater returns on your success and investment.  

Perpetual Income 365 Reviews: Cons

There’re few cons about this program, but they won’t REALLY AFFECT YOUR SUCCESS with this Program.

• This Program only allows you to promote a single product – you’ve not availed a variety of products to promote.

• You can’t alter or change the landing (money) pages.

Remember, the above points may seem to be the cons, but don’t forget the program is created with newbies in mind.

Who Is This Program Meant For?

• People who’ve never created a landing page.

• People who don’t yet know how to find high converting products to promote.

• Guys who don’t even know how to start at all.

Perpetual Income 365 Reviews: How Does It Work?

Perpetual Income 365 is all about Email marketing; it simplifies Email Marketing for you. It’s done all the technical stuff for you, all the areas newbies struggle with are sorted out for you. You just have to click a particular Email marketing option and boom!

Shawn’s Perpetual Income 365 uses 5 simple steps anybody can easily access in the member’s area to help you improve efficiency and assists you.

The five steps will teach you the way the system works as well as your expectations from the system. It helps you set a timeline for yourself and explains to you what you provide for your potential customers.

These five steps are the foundation of your affiliate marketing campaign and all you’ll need to achieve success.

These steps are as follows:

#1. Perpetual Income 365 Presents You An easy Job

When Shawn first created the Perpetual Income 365, he made it such that everybody from newbies to experienced Affiliates can utilize the system to get their Affiliate campaign started quickly and find success.

Shawn can relate to your struggles and pains in getting your campaign started. A few years ago, Shawn was a newbie just like you; he really struggled and was overwhelmed initially by the technical aspects of Affiliate Marketing. It took a lot of years of trials and errors and a lot of money to find success.

That’s why he created Perpetual Income 365 to be as user-friendly as possible, just a ‘click and go’ type of concept.

Be warned that this Program is real and not a Ponzi scheme. A few years ago when people heard about the ‘click and go’ concept in Affiliate Marketing, the thinking was that of scam artists at work and finding jobs. Today, the advent of technology and relentless research and improvement has made it possible for new Affiliates to accomplish the ‘click and go’ concept.

Shawn has also included a lot of pre-written sales letters and emails built into the backend of the software. This is meant to jumpstart your pro copywriting career and give you that first taste of success.

#2. Structured to Create Residual Income

This program is structured and built to create reoccurring incomes. It sort of works on Auto-Pilot. You put in the effort once and you keep on reaping the benefits for a very long time.

You just need to put in that initial one-off effort to get the system started and the system runs itself from there. This system generates a Consistent Monthly income for you.

You need to register and start the training, this will give you a much better idea about how the system really works and how incomes are generated.

#3. The Automation Software

This is the real deal. The software automates the backend like a 24 hours per day sales machine. Once you’ve things set up your only other work is to drive traffic to your money page. You don’t have to worry here, plenty of training is provided in the traffic crusher.

Once you set up the system, you’ll discover that the system already has a 31-day pre-written email sequence loaded into your Auto-responder. The system has taken care of this very technical aspect for you, you don’t need to write a single word or concern yourself with setting up your Auto-responder.

This is a very important aspect of Affiliate Marketing, in most cases; you’ve to be an experienced marketer to write a good email or sales letter that can convert leads. This is where most newbies and even experienced Affiliates find it very difficult.

Shawn’s Perpetual Income 365 has taken these pains off your back. What you’re required to do is to add your Clickbank link to the backend and the system will integrate your Clickbank hoplink (ID) into every single email.

One great advantage of using Shawn’s system is that the emails sent to your list are written by a pro. Shawn has spent years experimenting on what works and what is absolute crap.

These emails are proven to convert leads, drive sales and build a good relationship with your list as well. Besides, they are being re-tuned from time to time and updated. 

Your only job in this system is to drive traffic to your landing page. This constitutes about 90% of your work since the other parts are automated.

Traffic crusher training is included with your paid account, my advice is that you go through the training. Immediately you master the traffic crusher training you will realize you are doing little or no work in this system.

#4. The Return Policy

You’ve got the chance to get a refund from this Program within 30 days of purchase, but I’ll strongly advise against it. You see, when you go into this program it’s best to go with the mindset of success. A lot of people before you’ve made their first affiliate cheque through this program and more are still doing so on daily basis.

Some people have formed the habit of purchasing a program and getting the training only to ask for a refund. In this case, you’ll get a refund but you’ll also be blacklisted such that you won’t be able to participate in the program anymore. 

It is very important we are honest in our dealings. Some people are so impatient they’ll never even wait to get the training and know how the system works before they come to the conclusion that it DOESN’T WORK.

If YOU’VE decided to purchase this program, I want you to delete the word REFUND from your mind and approach it with a positive mindset.

#5. The Facebook Group

Perpetual Income 365 has a very active and interesting Facebook group. Most members share their successes with the program on this Facebook group. When I visited the group for the first time and saw their earnings with proofs of income, all my initial fears went away.

Not only has this program made a promise to earn you a regular monthly income, but it also works and the members in this Facebook group are loving it.

Here is a post of a few days ago:

Perpetual Income 365 Reviews

There are just so many screenshots of ACTUAL EARNINGS FROM REAL PEOPLE in the perpetual Income 365 Facebook group. Make sure to visit the group and see these success stories and earnings yourself, but remember, it’s for registered members.

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Perpetual Income 365 Reviews: Members Area

You’ll watch a short video here in the backend that introduces the concept of the Netflix Recurring Revenue Model and how you can manipulate their algorithm to ensure your subscribers keep paying you every month.

Just think about it, what’s there about Netflix that’s responsible for their highly successful reoccurring revenue system that keeps subscribers paying them every month?

You can utilize this model for your own success. This short video will help you to understand the system better and know how it works.

Perpetual Income 365 Reviews: Money Pages

This is the Automation Software. The Money Pages are also landing pages or opt-in pages. Once you’ve created the pages, your 31 days done-for-you email campaign is uploaded and activated. 

The moment you start sending traffics or leads into your funnel, your site visitors will start receiving these emails once they subscribe to view the free video/offer/training offered on your landing page.

Note: With the default account, you can only choose 2 out of the 7 landing page styles, but with the optional upgrade account, you can choose from any of the 7 styles.

To create the Landing Page, you simply click on the ‘The Create New Page’ button and choose from one of the templates.

The interesting thing is that your landing page is built on the system’s server so you need not pay for website hosting or start your own blog or do any extraordinary thing.

You don’t need to write any sales copy yourself, the sales letters are written by expert copywriters and are automatically loaded by the system.

Your real duty is to drive traffic to your landing page, but before we talk more about the traffic thing let’s take a look at the traffic Crusher training.

Perpetual Income Reviews: Traffic Crusher Training

One important lesson I’ve learned from the most successful online entrepreneurs is that they pay for their traffics. They know that advertising can always afford them the best quality leads they can easily convert to paying customers. For a beginner, it is always best to start small and increase the traffic as the income flows in.

The traffic crusher has three videos in all, the total time of play is around 45 minutes. The traffic crusher will explain to you in detail how to go about getting customers to your landing page as well as teach you all you need to place your first ad with confidence.

Video 1

In this video, Shawn teaches one type of traffic concept that you can use to build 6-figure per month business income, Solo Ads, and promoting your landing page on other people’s email lists. 

You needn’t worry, Shawn shows you where you’ll get this type of traffic and why it works so well.

He also teaches you how to calculate your ROI, so that you can know your breakeven point and how profitable you can be if you spend y amount.  

A peep at one of his examples:

• 100 Clicks from a Solo Ad Provider = $50.00 or $0.50 per click.

• 40 – 50% Optin rate (sign up rate)

• 40 – 50% new subscribers to your email list

On the backend, a 31-day follow-up email sequence begins at the minute anybody joins your email list. You needn’t do any other work here, your Clickbank ID is also on every email sent so that if any subscriber buys through your link you get the commission.

• Now the monthly subscription for perpetual income is $47.00, you are entitled to 50% commission which is $23.50 per sale. From the foregoing, only 4 sales will almost cover what you spend on Solo Ads. Anything more than 4 sales and you’re already at a profit. Even if you decide not to subscribe for the subsequent month (which I’ll think is crazy), you will still get the commission from your subscribers so far as they continue to pay for the service.

Just look at it this way:

• Month 1: $100.00 Spent – $94.00 earned

• Month 2: $94.00 earned

• Month 3: $94.00 earned

• Etc. (This example is based on only a one-month subscription on your part – I would rather think it crazy if you decide to subscribe for only one month)

• Another thing is that the example above is rather conservative, you could make as much as $200.00 in addition from upsells.

• The import of this is not just to display figures or get you excited, No! It is to impress on you that you shouldn’t be afraid to pay for Solo Ads because they are well-targeted and the returns from them are massive.

Video 2

This 24 minutes video explains in detail how you can make your first $2k in Affiliate Profit per month.

Shawn explains that you need to sow before you can reap. He makes it clear that every business model, whether online or offline requires investment. He tells you that nobody gets rich for nothing.

He explained that though Perpetual Income 365 is different from other businesses in terms of capital investment because it’s highly optimized, yet you still have to invest in Solo Ads if you want to get targeted leads.

Video 3

This one is a short video testimonial from some Solo-Ad vendors who hit the 6-figures every month. 

Perpetual Income 365 Upsells

The best Affiliate programs on the internet offer a few upsells to help improve your overall experience. Though this is not absolutely important for your online success they are worth picking up if they are within your budget.

1. Perpetual Asset Multiplier – with this you’ve more landing page design. You can use all the 7 design instead of 2. This may not necessarily improve your success but will add varieties to your designs.

2. 5 Click Profits – these Plugins you can activate on your landing pages. Though they are updated and change from time to time but as at the time of going to press, it included the following:

• Visitors Tracking

• Button Locking Animation

• Display Your Visitors Country and Flag

• Evergreen Date Display Banner

• Social Bars

• Spots Available

While the above may not be required, from my observation, they are included to enhance conversions.

3. Email ATM – this integrates email Auto-responder (Get-response) in the system so that you can do email broadcast directly from the software.

Perpetual Income Reviews: My Final Verdict

Perpetual Income 365 is an absolute necessity for every newbie out there and even experienced marketers to make money online.

For somebody who is just starting an online business and doesn’t know the steps yet, this software is GOD-SEND.

It’ll help cut the learning curve and put money in your pocket within the shortest possible time.

I vouch for this product and recommend it to anybody who REALLY WANTS to make money online without much stress. I also want to tell you that this program is genuine and legit and no scam.

Just pick it up, put in the HONEST WORK, BE POSITIVE, and I promise you’ll absolutely be impressed by what you get in returns.

The next step is all about you, to continue the struggle without results to show or to get Perpetual Income 365 and make your first cheque before the week runs out. 

Remember, you can’t start succeeding when you take no action.

Click here to order Perpetual Income 365.

Many thanks for your time!


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