Manchester United vs Liverpool: Liverpool Must Win To Stand Any Chance Of Finishing In Top Four.

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Manchester United Vs Liverpool

Expect a firework today at Old Trafford as Premier League two most accomplished teams lock horns with each other. It’ll be a derby of some sort, definitely, not your Merseyside derby or even the North London derby, this encounter will have all the trappings of an El Clasico derby between Barcelona and Real Madrid. So, it won’t be wrong to correctly call it the only “Real-Premiership” derby.

Don’t expect any dull moments today at Old Trafford, between these two great teams are 10 UEFA Champions Leagues and each of the teams have the players to cause their opponents pain. Of course, Manchester United cannot win the Premier League this season, they will consolidate their second position in the League.

You may think Manchester United has nothing to play for, that will be a big mistake, a great opportunity to beat an old foe and inflict pain on them will be a good enough motivation for Man. United. Liverpool on the other hand has all to play for, to stand a chance of making the top 4 and qualifying for the UEFA Champions League, Liverpool must go for the 3 points, they must win against United at Old Trafford today. Anything short of outright victory today may only confine them to fighting for the Europa Cup position.

I don’t need to talk about the players of these great teams, both sides have great players, everything will depend on the tactical ingenuity of the two managers. The one that outwits the other tactically will carry the day.

Liverpool FC does quite a lot of pressing and running in their games, they will need all their tricks in their arsenal to get 3 points today at Old Trafford. They must go for the brokes today, they can’t afford to let off the steam, they must attack Manchester United from the start to the end. Their defenders must be at full alert if they won’t leave Old Trafford without a defeat today. Hope Mane, Mohamed Salah, and Firmino are in the lineup today. The three are one of the best attacking trios in the English Premier League. They’ll need to be at their best to break a very strong Manchester United defense and get the goals.

But, I have a fear for the Liverpool team, their players seem to be tired and burnt out. Their high-intensity game, though very good, has its drawbacks, especially on the players. It will be extremely difficult for Liverpool to overcome Manchester United at Old Trafford today, but never say never.

If Ole Gunnar Solskjaer can get Edison Cavani and Marcus Rashford playing at their peak, Liverpool’s defense will be worse for it, they will be battered with ceaseless attacking runs all through the game. Hope Liverpool’s defense is fully prepaid for a 90-minute battle today. The absence of Virgil Van Dijk, Joel Matip, and Jordan Henderson will definitely be felt but Liverpool has other squad players that can effectively play their positions.

I expect to see a really good game today, everybody is waiting for this encounter, me inclusive.

My prediction: Manchester United will carry the day.

Have a great day.


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