God Frequency Or God’s Frequency Binaural Beats Reviews

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God's Frequency

God Frequency or God’s Frequency Binaural Beats is a 15- minute daily ‘sound bath’ shortcut that will tune your brain at the exact frequency you need (theta or God’s Frequency) to manifest God’s blessing in your life.

Everybody wants good things in life for himself. Whether you consider your life up to this point a success or a failure doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t count that all your life you’ve been beset by failures both in business and relationships, there is hope. This God Frequency is perfectly made for you.

God Frequency applies technology to Jesus Christ’s secret teachings to his disciples on manifesting miracles and simplifies it in such a way that everybody can benefit from it without much stress. 

It’s all about listening to a sound beat called Binaural Beats; just pop your ear-buds in and listen.


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God Frequency or Binaural Beats Reviews: Historical Perspective

Jesus Christ made a powerful statement to his disciples, which has ever remained true. He said, “If you have FAITH as a grain of mustard seed you can say to this sycamore tree be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea and it will obey you.

Luke 17:6

You don’t have to be ‘Jesus-like’ to do this, you don’t even have to be one of his disciples to manifest this, the only requirement placed on you is FAITH.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not yet seen. It requires believing on your own part. Believing goes hand in hand with faith. 

When you believe in your heart without doubt you can manifest anything your heart desires:

• Change of career

• Good job

• Academic Breakthrough

• God health

• Advancement in life

• Healing of a broken relationship

• Financial Success

The list is just endless.

The problem is that our mind is naturally tuned to believing in negativity more than positivity. God Frequency helps you tune your brain to that theta frequency needed to manifest God’s blessing in your life and wipe out every doubt and unbelief in your life.

During the Bible time, the disciples achieved this by meditation, prayers, and fasting. These activities helped them to reset their brain to the theta frequency required to manifest miracles.

Jesus Christ didn’t perform any miracles until he went into the wilderness and fasted 40 days and 40 nights. 

Do you know exactly what he was doing all those days?

He was praying and meditating and getting his brain in perfect balance at the exact right frequency. 

Immediately he achieved the right synchronization and came out of the wilderness he could manifest every miracle; heal the sick, open the eyes of the blind, feed 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fishes, raise the dead, and walk on water.

Today, thanks to the work of Marcus and Jacob, you can experience the same thing and achieve the same manifestation just by listening to Binaural Beat.

You don’t have to engage in lengthy fast or meditation to achieve the same manifestation today, technology has taken the stress off your shoulders.

You simply pop in a set of earbuds and let the God Frequency automatically put your brain at the exact frequency required to manifest God’s miracles.

All you’ve to do is think about the changes you want in life while listening to the God Frequency…

God Frequency or God’s Frequency Binaural Beat Reviews: How Does It Work?

I’m happy to tell you that this is a 15-minute daily habit you’ve to do for 3 weeks, or at most 1 month, to tune your brain to theta frequency required to manifest God’s blessing in your life… work required!


Basically, Binaural Beats are two different tones, with slightly different frequencies one for each ear. When listening to these two different tones your brain receives them as beat frequency (you use a headphone to listen).

Listening to Binaural Beats manipulate your brain for cortical synchronization, that is, the vibrations in your brain are synched to theta frequency.

This is what you need to make your manifestation a reality.

The left and right sides of your brain need to be synched up to God Frequency to manifest your blessing. People of old did it by meditation. Today, you’ve no reason to engage yourself in meditation which is both a lengthy, time-consuming, and never-very-sure method of manifesting God’s miracles.

When the disciples saw Jesus Christ walking on water and Peter asked Christ to bid him come to him on water. Christ asked him to come and he got out of the boat and started going to meet Jesus Christ on water. 

What’s the catch here? 

Peter heard a sound made by Jesus Christ which tuned his brain to the theta frequency and he immediately started manifesting God’s miracle………..walking on water.

But, it didn’t last quite long, Peter doubted and started sinking right under Jesus Christ’s nose. Doubting was like switching off his antenna, his brain was immediately turned off of the God Frequency.

It must be noted that up to that time Peter had not had much practice meditating, he only acted on Jesus’s sound (words). With time and practice, the same Peter who almost sank into the sea manifested one of the greatest miracles in the Bible….his shadow was healing sicknesses and diseases, and producing miracles.

Do you still have to spend years practicing to benefit from Jesus secret teachings to his disciples on manifesting miracles?


Must you have to be one of Jesus’s disciples or even Jesus-like to manifest God’s blessings in your life?


The God’s Frequency Binaural Beat have done the work for you, Jesus secret teachings on manifesting miracles have been translated into “sound bath” so that everybody can benefit.

Just pop your headphone to your ears and allow the Binaural Beats synch your brain frequency to theta frequency and you could manifest anything your heart desires.

Click here to order God Frequency

God Frequency or God’s Frequency Binaural Beats Reviews: Why Are Many Still Not Able to Live a Fulfilled Life?

Everybody can manifest their heart’s desires, but you must agree with me that people are still suffering. Not everybody is aware of this 15-minutes sound therapy. Some people even think it is a scam, they are afraid of losing their $37, hence, they miss the opportunity. 

One of the reasons why I write this post is to create awareness so that everybody can practice it and tune their brain to theta frequency required for manifesting miracles in their lives. 

The final decision still lies with you – whether to read this post and go your way or to give it a try and be one of those who constantly manifest their heart’s desires.

But remember, just as this sound therapy can be used to manifest good things in your life, some people may want to use it to manifest evil things. This is why this secret was hidden by the Catholic Church for over 2000 years and only uncovered by an ex-priest. 

The Church is afraid that somebody may use this knowledge to manifest evil and endanger mankind, hence, they’ve been on the trail of Marcus and Jacob since they launched this secret into the open.

You need to hurry before this secret is yanked off the internet. The Church has been trailing them, if they succeed tomorrow, these secrets will be off the internet and nobody will publish it again. 

Act now and be among the chosen few who will benefit from this rare knowledge while it is still on sale.

God Frequency Or God’s Frequency Binaural Beat Reviews: Pros & Cons


• You’ll become one of the very few that will constantly manifest your heart desires

• By listening to Binaural Beat, your brain frequency is elevated to theta frequency where manifestation becomes very easy

• This knowledge will radically change your mindset from negativity to positivity

• This knowledge will imbue you with the needed faith not only to manifest your heart desires but to be a winner now and for ever

• This knowledge will heal a broken relationship and present you as a leader among men both in words and deeds

• The new mindset helps create an aura around you which only attracts more positive friends and great things to your life

• You can manifest that your dream job with this priceless knowledge

• God’s Frequency Binaural Beat has taken away all the stress and hard work from off your shoulder, pop in your earbud, and listen while thinking of what you want to manifest

• With God’s Frequency Binaural Beat, there aren’t any needs for a stressful and long-time meditation practice to manifest your heart desires.

• The sound wave therapy produces a calming effect in your brain by reducing cortisol production 


• You’ve to practice it for 15-minutes daily for 21 days to tune your brain to God Frequency

• Just as this knowledge can be used to manifest good things, some people may use this knowledge to manifest evil

• People you share this knowledge with may not initially accept it, some may think you’re weird

God Frequency Reviews: Testimonials From Some Satisfied Clients

Jonas R, New York.

Initially, it all looked and sounded like a fairly-tale and I really found it difficult to believe that I could listen to this God’s Frequency Binaural Beat and change my situation, but my friend was persistent and it worked.

I can describe my life before this time as an absolute failure, I mean, I’m 41 and have been married and divorced twice. On both occasions, the custody of my daughters was left with my former wives respectively. What was most heartbreaking is that my first ex prevailed on the court to only allow me to see my daughter once a year.

I’ve been doing the daily 15-minute practice of the God’s Frequency Binaural Beat for 2 weeks and I’ve seen some positive changes in my life. I get to talk with my kids quite often now and business has been looking up since I started this 15-minute daily ritual. My first ex-wife just called and said that I could see my daughter more often if I wanted.

Mary Stone, London

God’s Frequency Binaural Beat has helped to change my negative mindset. I was such a pessimistic person who always expected the worst of everything but I must thank my friend, Kari, who insisted I bought this product.

You see, I was brought up by religious parents and always studied my Bible but I saw most of those things as ancient and stories of the past. When Kari talked about Jesus’ secret teachings to his disciples on how to manifest their heart desires, I felt she was being scammed. I didn’t give any thought to what she said again until I started noticing a lot of marvelous changes in her life.

Everything about her just started looking up, I mean, a better job with much better pay, a very good-looking fiancé for a girl without a steady boyfriend for well over the last two years. Kari told me that her guy has already proposed and that the wedding bell will be ringing in weeks from now.

When we attended a function together in January 2021, I couldn’t help but marvel at the type of attention she was getting. Everybody just seemed to want to talk with her, it was as if the men were charmed by her presence.

After analyzing what I observed at the party I attended together with Kari, I made up my mind to order the product and I’ve only been practicing for 8 days.

I must say things are already looking up now, at least, my mindset is no more negative, I haven’t manifested a fiancé yet, but my relationship with my customers as well as co-workers are improving. This has led to more sales and more money in my purse. 

God’s Frequency Binaural Beat Reviews: Pricing & Return Policy

God’s Frequency Binaural Beat is a digital product you can order for and download from the internet in the comfort of your bedroom. What it means is that you pay no extra money for shipping.

The Price of this Product is $37.00

You can download it to your phone or laptop and listen with your earpiece.

Marcus and his business partner, Ex-priest Jacob, have decided to borne all the risk of this business by agreeing to a 1-year return policy, that’s definitely massive. 

They want you to order this product NOW before it’s off the internet and practice this ritual for 21 days. They said you can return it within 1 year if you are not fully satisfied.

You can see, that these guys have taken the cost of this product off your pocket, you’re really not paying for this product. 

God’s Frequency Binaural Beat Reviews: Added Bonus – Love Frequency

Have you suffered a breakup and want your ex back, or maybe you want to start a new relationship? Does it seem you can’t just stop blaming yourself for all the things that went wrong during the time with your ex? Well, LOVE FREQUENCY is the perfect solution you need to reset that mindset and reprogram your brain from that of a defeated and broken person.

This product cost $199, but Marcus and Jacob are giving it out as a bonus for buying God’s Frequency, so you’re getting it for free. You’re not paying the $199.00

One of the problems of failed relationships is that the brain subliminally programs itself for defines….

You blame yourself for all the failures…

And putting up a wall around your emotion….

Not letting new people into your life…

Just because you thought you’ll screw things up….

These thoughts are toxic programming that can be changed. 

That’s why the Love Frequency has been included as a bonus. It’ll surely make you love again.

God’s Frequency Binaural Beat Reviews: My Final Thoughts

This is the opportunity you have to manifest the life you’ve always wanted for yourself, don’t throw it away. A good relationship, great jobs, good holidays, great business opportunities, excellent health, and whatever your heart desires, all are still possible, even if you had given up in life. 

Remember, it only takes action on your part now.

This product has very good reviews from everybody who has used it, including me. It is not a scam and I think you can try this one out. 

God’s Frequency Binaural Beat will help you manifest your heart desires. It’ll reset your mindset and elevate your brain to God’s Frequency, theta, required to manifest miracles. What is sweet about it is that you don’t have to engage in endless meditations and fasting to achieve this.   

Binaural Beat has taken care of all the hard work, just pop your ear-buds to your ear while thinking of what you want to manifest.  

I think that this product is a must-have for everybody if they really desire to live a happy and fulfilled life of opportunities and possibilities.

Click here to order God’s Frequency Binaural Beat.

Many thanks for reading!


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