Beat Kidney Disease Remedy Reviews: Benefits & Ingredients

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Beat Kidney Disease Remedy is the 100% organic solution you need to sort out all your kidney disease issues.

We are all affected, nobody is free. One of the diseases we hear about these days is that of the kidney. People talk about kidney failures – where the kidney has totally stopped functioning; they tell you they are on dialysis – where a machine is used to provide some of the functions of the kidney in a human person; in some cases, we hear of a kidney transplant – the damaged kidney is replaced with a good and healthy kidney from a donor.

It doesn’t matter in what part of the globe you are presently residing, we hear the same thing about how people are losing their kidneys to diseases. It doesn’t discriminate, in some cases, you hear how an adult lost his kidney to diabetes, in the next instance, you hear about how a child has spent weeks on dialysis, yet in some cases, you hear about how an aunty just got a kidney transplant.

The kidney is one of the most important organs in the body. Its main function in the body is to filter the blood. Your kidneys remove wastes and extra fluid from your blood. Your kidneys also get rids of acids that are produced by the cells of your body and maintain a healthy balance of water, salts, and minerals – such as sodium, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium – in your blood.

All the blood in your body passes through the kidneys several times daily. Blood comes into your kidney, waste gets removed and salts, water, and minerals are adjusted. The filtered blood goes back into the body. Waste gets turned into the urine, which collects at the kidney’s pelvis.

If blood stops flowing into the kidney, part or all of it could die. That may lead to kidney failure.

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Beat Kidney Disease Remedy Review – Some Kidney diseases

Pyelonephritis – infection of the kidney pelvis.

Glomerulonephritis – an overactive immune system that attacks the kidneys.

Nephrolithiasis (kidney stones) – crystals (stones) that are big enough to block the urinary tract, causing great lots of pains.

Nephrotic syndrome – the damaged kidneys spill a large amount of protein into the urine.

Acute renal failure – kidney failure

Chronic renal failure – a permanent loss of how well your kidneys work.

End-stage renal disease (ESRD) – complete loss of kidney strength usually caused by progressive chronic kidney disease that is left untreated. People with ESRD require regular dialysis for survival.

There are just lots of kidney diseases too many to all get mentioned here, but in this review, we want to concentrate on chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Now, get this ladies and gentlemen, irrespective of whatever name it is called, the bottom line is that the kidney is infected and the processes we will discuss here will reverse any kidney disease.

Why Do I Seem So Confident?

Well, if you go through the website of the owner of the program, Duncan Capicchiano at, you’ll see a lot of testimonials from many men and women who have had their chronic kidney diseases reversed. But, this program is not new, it has been around for well over twelve years and people have not ceased to testify of their good results.

On a personal note, I don’t know whether to count myself as one of the testifiers, this is because, when my aunty, Joana, was diagnosed of Hypertensive nephropathy, her first option was orthodox medicine, but when she got tired of the side effects and the treatments which never resulted into a permanent cure, I suggested to her to try Duncan’s program, thank God she listened to me, after 5 months on the program her kidney disease was totally cured and her health was totally restored. 

I don’t know why you are reading this review? Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with having one kidney condition or the other or you just want to gain some information to help a person in need? Whichever, I will advise you to read till the end. 

What I want you to understand is that being diagnosed with kidney disease doesn’t in any way imply that you will end up on a dialysis machine or that you will immediately start looking for a kidney donor. 

Now, listen to what Duncan Capicchiano has to say, “STOP: Yes, There Is Hope for Reversing Kidney Disease…”

Duncan’s program is aimed at lowering Creatinine levels, improving kidney functions, and safe-guiding the kidney from further damage. It must be noted that this isn’t a dietary supplement or some chemical drugs that promise you magic, No!

Duncan’s program is a natural step-by-step digital program that has been proven over the last twelve years to reverse your chronic kidney diseases and restore your health. It is an alternative healing method where the focus is on the use of phytonutrients, improved lifestyle, and no-stress exercises to improve the functions of and restore your kidney to normal.

Why Should You Listen To Duncan?

Duncan Capicchiano is a naturopath, a herbalist, and a medical researcher living in Melbourne, Australia. He is university educated with an advanced diploma in health science plus diplomas and additional pieces of training for things like nutritional medicine and herbal medicine, totaling over 5 years of study.

Duncan has been practicing for the last 13 years and he is a co-founder of one of the largest natural healing clinics in Australia. Duncan grew up in a family of naturopaths, his mother was a naturopath, even the wife also practices the same profession, and hence they both co-authored the beat kidney disease solution. Duncan is a member of the Natural Medicine Society of Australia.

Duncan’s background and practice mean that he is open to the belief that there are many cases of disease where conventional medicine does not have a complete answer. He believes that in such cases, what the doctors do have been to minimize the symptoms or try to slow down the progression of the disease.

What Inspired Kidney Disease Solution?

Duncan says that Western medicine, while it can be a life-saver in some situations, is not the only effective healing approach. He said that Chinese traditional medicine has been treating kidney problems for thousands of years.

He clarified that he wasn’t talking of going down to a corner shop and buying a bag of roots and herbs which is boiled into tea at home.

Instead, he talked about herbal medicines that come in controlled, measured tablets and capsules from-top level supplement companies, which guarantee quality and purity and the right levels of active constituents.  

Duncan said that when his wife’s granny, Isobel, was diagnosed with borderline stage 4 kidney disease, he and his wife, Fiona went to work finding an alternative health solution using all-natural treatments. That despite their backgrounds in naturopathic and herbal medicine, they were aware that understanding kidney reversal from a holistic perspective would take a lot of research.

He said that it did, that after reviewing countless peer-reviewed journals, clinical trials, and other medical literature, they were able to put together an all-natural program that they believed could save Isobel and went about implementing what they have learned.

That after 2 months of the treatment, a laboratory test conducted on Isobel showed that her creatinine had gone down, her GFR had gone up. And at her 6 monthly checkups, it was found that her kidney function had normalized.

He said that Isobel went from having a borderline stage 4 kidney disease to having a stage 1, she got her life back, so she could live like any normal and healthy person, being happy, being energetic, and enjoying her family.

He was of the view that these treatments are evidence-based, meaning that people get better, and that’s even being shown today in scientific studies. According to Duncan, this is not some fly-by night-operation, the kidney disease solution has been around since 2008 and over 25,000 people have gone through the program and their results prove its efficacy.

Affiliate Disclosure: We are affiliate marketers, what it means is that if you place your order through any of the links on this page, we might make a little commission, but this doesn’t affect what you pay for the program. It will help us to keep this site running and be able to write more reviews.

A Little Peep Into Kidney Disease Remedy Manual

You are meant to get your own copy of this digital manual, it is online right now, but however, I’ll give you some ideas of what you’ll see in the manual. This manual is made up of many chapters and has the following summary: 

Chapter 1 details the various aspects of the filtering organ – its uses, its function, and what could go wrong with the organ.

Chapter 2 deals with the various treatments of kidney diseases offered by Western methods – dialysis, transplantation, and others.

Chapter 3 talks about the natural ways to tackle kidney disease – its advantages and the likes.

Chapter 4 mentions the kidney repair tools – The various tools in your kitty to treat kidney disease naturally.

Chapter 5 talks about the treatment plan – It addresses the causes and consequences of all aspects of kidney diseases. It also answers all your questions and caters to your needs.

Chapter 6 deals with kidney stones – causes of kidney stones and the ways to avoid them.

Chapter 7 discusses the foundations – It talks about the foundation of understanding and managing kidney diseases.

Chapter 8 focuses on some glorious foods – This chapter lists a number of tasty healthy foods you can eat to ensure your filtering organ works optimally.

Chapter 9 focuses on the solution tea – A list of unique blended tea that is both helpful and powerful.

Chapter 10 discusses the kidney disease solution juices – juices that provide your kidney with valuable liquids to function optimally.

Chapter 11 deals with lifestyles – It tells about some lifestyle changes that are sure to promote the workings of your kidneys.

Chapter 12 focuses on good vibrations – It deals with some guiding principles you need to keep to thrive with this healthy, new life.

Chapter 13 talks about relaxation – this helps you keep your body and mind healthy.

One thing is very important, kidney disease solution is not just only for people who have chronic kidney disease and need a cure, no, it’s for everybody who desires to have kidneys that are healthy and functioning properly. 

Beat Kidney Disease Remedy – The Pros

– All the positive reviews and testimonials from people who have gone through the program attest to its efficacy.

– It is 100% organic, the herbs, plants, and spices combinations are all organic. There are no synthetic chemicals.

– Your results are more permanent. This is because this program tries to cure the root cause of the disease, rather than treating symptoms which synthetic drugs do.

– It provides you with a personalized diet plan. This diet plan takes good care of your kidney and paves the path to a more wholesome lifestyle.

– The owner of this program personally checks on you through email to ensure that you are fully motivated all through the program.

– A lot of bonuses; the kidney solution free benefit manual that contains a slew of great information, talking about some allied health issues, and providing updated tips to stay healthy.

– It is just a click away – because this program can be downloaded to your desktop or laptop, or even phone. You can order and access the manual immediately.

Beat Kidney Disease Remedy Reviews – The Cons

– This program is organic hence it takes time to work and be effective. It may take up to six months to fully reverse your kidney issues. The herbs will be well absorbed by the body before they can work.

– Some people have complained of the willpower to stay motivated all through the treatment period. I quite agree that six months may seem too long, but when compared with the alternative which only tries to keep your life tied to a machine and drugs, you’ll realize the difference.

– Some people are still skeptical about alternative healing methods despite their many proven results and efficacy.

– Since this manual is all digital, if you are the type who doesn’t like reading from your phone or laptop, you may have to print a hard copy of the manual.

Beat Kidney Disease Remedy Review: Scam Alert!

The internet is full of scams. It is very important you avoid them, don’t be a victim. A lot of guys now create websites that look very much like the owner’s website and place ads on Google trying to lure you to their site with a large percentage discount only to just get your credit card info and do malicious things with it. Please, avoid these people.

Very Important

If you have made up your mind to buy the kidney disease solution program, >>>> click here <<<< to go to the owner’s website and place your order. To avoid being scammed, don’t buy through any random sites. If you are not ready yet, you can save this page or bookmark it and buy through the link here anytime you are ready to avoid being the next victim of fraudsters.

Beat Kidney Disease Remedy Review: Pricing

This is a digital product and just as I’ve said earlier on, it’s a click away. If you order for it this minute, you will download it to your phone or laptop right now, no hassles.

Product Name: Beat kidney disease solution

Category: Kidney disease

Creator: Duncan Capicchianno

Price: $87 (visit official website for a discount)

Availability: Only through the official website, click here.

Beat Kidney Disease Remedy Reviews: Return Policy

Duncan is so sure of his program and the results that have come in so far that he has willingly offered a 60-day money-back guarantee to any person to get involved in this program. He wants you to try the program for 60 days and if you have any reason whatsoever not to continue to contact him and get a full, 100% no-question asked money-back refund. His contact details are available on the official website. He offered that anybody can be involved in the program irrespective of whether they are suffering from kidney disease or not.

Beat Kidney Disease Remedy Review: Conclusion

When you look at how it always ends with kidney diseases in our hospitals; either dialysis or a transplant, you’ll agree with me that any effective alternative solution offered by nature shouldn’t be ignored.

Dialysis is very expensive in most hospitals not to talk about a transplant, when you compare these with the $87 you spend to get into this program, you will realize it is but nothing.

Above all, the creator of the program has offered a 60-day money-back guarantee for you to try the program, what it means is that he has decided to shoulder the risk about this product himself. I really think that you have nothing to lose, you can give it a try.

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