7 Day Prayer Miracle Reviews: Do Daniel’s Prayers Still Work?

7-Day Prayer Miracle

7 Day Prayer Miracle is the best course that teaches you how to pray effectively like Prophet Daniel. It applies scientific ideas to prayer and tells you how to prepare both your heart as well as your mind before you dive into prayers, so as to easily connect heaven.

Prayer is always the best way to communicate your needs and challenges to your Makers and receive answers. This works irrespective of the beliefs you profess, even when you are different. Prayers help you to bring peace to your minds and create confidence that overcomes your fears.

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Just think about it for a second, how nice it would be to pray more effectively and receive an answer to your prayers like Daniel did? One thing you shouldn’t forget is that prayers still work. As it worked for Daniel and his Jewish friends so also it will work for you. But first, you’ve to discover the right approach to prayers that connects positive vibes around you and translate into manifestation.


The beautiful thing about this verse of the Bible is that Jesus Christ didn’t limit WHAT you can ASK in PRAYERS nor GAVE any other CONDITIONS to receiving, other than that of YOUR BELIEVING. I think it’s very straight forward and ultimately depends on you. But the question is, why are so many people frustrated and do not see their miracles manifest when God is ready to answer their prayers?

The answer lies in the word, “BELIEVING” 

Yea, this is where it counts, BELIEVING, this word connotes quite a lot. If you are able to decode this word and fully understand it, you can pray and shut a lion’s mouth, just like Daniel did.

This is what Amanda Ross has done for you in her 7 Day Prayer Miracle e-book. She has spent years in deep research deciphering the relationship between modern Science studies and ancient scripture and the steps to apply them in your life and see your miracles manifest.   

Amanda has so effectively explained the factor of BELIEVING to the extent that even a  dunce will understand and easily apply it in his life and see his miracle manifest. 

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I’ve been using Amanda’s 7 Day Prayer Miracle eBooks for the last 6 months. All I can say is that the program is aimed at reuniting your soul and mind and attracting the type of faith that brings miracle manifestation. 

You see, I love to study the bible and I’ve spent quite some days studying the book of Daniel. For about 10 years I was reciting Daniel’s prayers, just as he prayed it in the bible, hoping it would work. Well, it didn’t bring any miracles. I concluded it doesn’t work, not knowing I was the one doing it incorrectly until I bought Amanda’s 7 Day Prayer Miracle.

I read Amanda’s 7 Day Prayer Miracle at one sitting. I spent time rereading it and started applying my mind and heart to her teachings. Just a few days later, I got my first miracle. The same thing I’ve prayed for 10 years, happened, but I initially concluded it was a chance occurrence and couldn’t have been due to the prayers. 

But 2 days after the first miracle, I won a football bet that made me $2310. That was the first-ever bet I’ve won after 2 years. Before the celebration for the bet could die down, I met an old friend I had lost contact with for the past 16 years at a function and we got talking. He introduced an online business opportunity to me and the two of us have been in partnership since September 2019. 

I can say I’ve been getting unexpected favors from people since I started following Amanda’s teaching.

In this online program, Amanda Ross has promised to take you by the hand. You’ll get practical techniques and guides that will attract positive vibes to you. These positive vibes will help you to manifest miracles in your life. The techniques will fill your life with positivity.

I never imagined that making those simple prayers just the way Amanda advised in her e-book could bring healing to my body. Both my body and soul are at peace.

I was someone who used to take a lot of drugs for stomach ulcer, I’m happy to say that for the last 6 weeks I’ve not been taken the medication and don’t feel pains again. I don’t know yet if I should call it a miracle, but I hope to visit the hospital and verify in a few days from today.

Amanda’s Program has really made a difference in my life; I mean unexpected favors, new connections, and contact, closer friends and associates, and most importantly, my perception of the Devine and faith have totally improved.

7 Day Prayer Miracle Reviews: How Does It Work?

Your mindset is you. Naturally, people are more wired to accept negative thoughts than positive ones. This negativity eventually becomes you. You are depressed, stressed, anxious, hopeless, faithless, and filled with UNBELIEF. In this state, you can’t pray, and even when you pray, your prayer is not answered and you’ll get no manifestation. Your prayer isn’t answered because your heart isn’t just RIGHT.

What Amanda’s e-book tries to do is to rewire your mindset, so that positivity around your person improves all aspects of you and when you pray, you easily see the manifestation.

In Amanda’s 7 Day Prayers Miracle program, she talked about how reciting some simple prayers can change your negative mindset to a meditative or theta mindset; the type that attracts positive vibes and wrought miracles. No man ever gives what he doesn’t have. If you stay positive, you attract positive things to your life, and when you stay negative, you get negative things.

7 Day Prayer Miracle Reviews: Some More Testimonial

Ron, London

My name is Ron and I’m 52. This whole thing is amazing and I initially didn’t believe it. It could be said I’m not the religious type, but my friend talked me into this 7 Day Prayer Miracle thing. My friend talked about being healed of a Migraine headache that had refused to heal after 2 years of treatment and suggested I tried it.

I bought the e-book and I and my son have been using it. What I’ve noticed is that I now have this type of peace that surpasses all understanding that makes me sing joyfully in my heart all day long. I run a local fashion store in Milton Keynes, the number of calls and orders I get now is overwhelming and I’m planning to employ more hands. A few days ago, a customer told me there’s this aura around me she can’t explain. I seem to be enjoying friendships with people everywhere I go now, even people I can’t say I know or acquainted with.

My son who was always involved in street fights and “gang wars” is totally changed. I know how many times I’ve been involved with the law and the court because of him; he now talks about peace. He’s broken off with his former gang members and left town. He told me he wanted to go far away from London to start all over again. 

These are just a few of the testimonials that we receive on daily basis from real people who have benefited from Amanda’s e-book. I hope and believe you are next in line for a testimony. But you’ve to take action today.

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7 Day Prayer Miracle Reviews: Does It Work For Everybody?

I agree that everybody is different. Everybody won’t get the same miracles or even the same levels of manifestation with this program. The only thing I’ll assure you is that this program will create a positive aura around you which brings miracle manifestation.

But, if you don’t try it, you won’t be in the position to know whether it’ll work for you. Now, Amanda wants you to try this program for free, that’s why she has agreed to a 60-day money-back return policy. She asks that you pay and download this program today and use it.

7 Day Prayer Miracle Reviews: What Is Included In This Program?

#1. 7 Day Prayer Miracle Grabbing the Attention of Heaven

This e-book guides you through your journey of praying. You get step-by-step instructions on how to pray more effectively and what each prayer can do for you. It covers steps on how to pray for success, forgiveness, wellness, safety, promotion, favor, and peace of mind.

#2. 7 Day Prayer Journal

This helps you to achieve a more enduring focus. As you go about making more entries into this journal, your brain is reset to think more positively. This brings positive vibes to your life and circumstances.

#3. A Song of Shifts

This is a bonus cd in audio format. It consists of frequencies that only angels can hear. Amanda said that putting this cd on while praying is an easy way to reach out to God.

#4. Devine Healing

This book teaches you how to recognize the signs sent to you by angels. It teaches you how to eliminate negativity from your ears and tune into angelic messages.

#5. Divine Numbers

These are numbers you see as flashes from time to time, the codes are sent to you by angels. These numbers have a secret behind them, and if those secrets are decoded, could help you in your life journey.

#6. The Prayer of Daniel

This is an e-book of about 476 words. This Prayer of Daniel will help you achieve all your life goals. You should recite it every morning to get its full benefits.

7 Day Prayer Miracle Reviews: Pros

It enhances every facet of your life and offers you peace of mind.

• It unites your soul and spirit into the miraculous

• Every review about this program has been positive and more testimonies are still coming in on a daily basis

• It teaches you the best techniques to tune your mindset into positivity. This will attract good vibrations around you leading to miraculous manifestations

• When your mind, soul, and spirit are in alignment with this teaching, you’ll experience bodily healings.

• The e-book explained to a great extent that expects of “BELIEVING”. The reasons why some people’s prayers are never answered and how to avoid them.

7 Day Prayer Miracle Reviews: Cons

  • After you’ve gone through the books and CDs, it’s important you exercise patience and continue to believe in order to see your miracle manifest.
  • If you’re not the type that likes to read from your device, you may need to print out the pages of the eBook.

Program Pricing

This eBook and all the bonus e-books and CDs can be downloaded online. You are getting these eBooks and everything that accompany them at a 95% discount. All you need do now is to go to the official website of 7 Day Prayer Miracle, make the payment, download the eBooks, and the CDs.

You’ll get an email from Amanda that will help you to follow up and have your questions answered.

Return Policy

This program is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Amanda wants you to buy these eBooks today and start learning and applying the techniques she taught in the book. She said if you aren’t 100% satisfied after using this program you can contact her here within 60 days and have your full refund.

7 Day Prayer Miracle Reviews: Our Verdict

Man is nothing without the help of the Devine(s). It doesn’t matter whether you recognize His hands in your affairs or not. I’ve been using this 7 Day Prayer Miracle by Amanda Ross and I can testify that good things have been coming my way. Sudden favors, unexpected breakthroughs, sudden business calls, and investment opportunities.

The best is that my mindset has totally been transformed. Every shred of negativism in my life has been wiped out of my mind. I’m now living my dreams. 

All the reviews about this program have been positive. Even though I can’t vouch you’ll get the same level of miraculous manifestation when you buy this program. Yet, I can say it’ll transform your mindset, which is the starting point of every miraculous manifestation.

I give Amanda Ross’s 7 Day Prayer Miracle a thumb up. This one is really worth trying out. You can buy the Program without risking your money since it’s covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee.


 Many thanks for your time! 


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