12-Minutes Affiliate Marketing System Reviews

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12 Minutes Affiliate System

12-Minutes Affiliate Marketing System is a plug-and-play system that makes an online commission for you in an easy way without you lifting a finger.

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Everybody wants to make more money and lives happier. A lot of people have been struggling to make their first commission online in Affiliate Marketing for years without success. In most cases, it’s not their fault. They may not have the experience or just that the competition for their niche is very high. 

Other people are just very new in Affiliate Marketing and don’t even know how to start at all. They don’t have the experience to compete with the experienced guys who have been long in the business. But they want to make money all the same.

12 Minute Affiliate Marketing System is an automated plug-and-play system that is meant to jump-start you if you are new. This System will, without fail, make you your first affiliate sales, if you’ve toiled and toiled without success.

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12-Minute Affiliate System Scam Alert!

Friends, I’m happy writing this review because this is the system that made me my first sales in Affiliate Marketing back in 2017. It’s a system I’ve used and I can honestly tell anybody who cares to hear that the system is legit and not a scam.

The scam alert that you see on the internet about this system has to do with SOME GUYS WHO TRY TO LURE POTENTIAL BUYERS TO FAKE WEBSITES.

It’s good you understand how these scammers operate. They create websites that look much like the owners of this program. Place ads on Google, trying to lure potential customers with high percentage discounts. 

Their aim is only to get your credit card info. When they get it they use it to do malicious things. My younger brother, Chris, lost his $3451 to these criminals. 


If you’re not yet ready to buy, save this page and make sure you buy through the link on this page to be sure you are visiting the official 12 Minutes Affiliate System website.

A Few Words about Devon Brown, the Creator of this System

Devon Brown is a home-based online Affiliate Entrepreneur since 2001. When he started the affiliate marketing business in 2001, it wasn’t easy for him, it took him both hard work and 7 years of failing to succeed online. So, he understands your pains and the areas you are having difficulty with. He also knows why you are not succeeding.

His desire to see people make a living online and overcome the type of challenges he experienced when starting, made him create this 12 Minutes Affiliate Marketing System. 

12-Minutes Affiliate Marketing System Reviews: How Does It Work?

12 Minutes Affiliate System orders website visitors into an automated system that sells for you. When sales are made by the system, you get online commissions by the end of the week.

This system works in 3 easy steps:

• You will personalize and activate the system: this is needed to get the commission

• Direct traffic to the system to get website visitors

• The system provides the leads automatically

What makes the system quite easy is that you don’t have to build or host your own website. They do the building and hosting on their own website, included with your account. You DON’T NEED WORRY ABOUT THEIR OFFICIAL WEBSITE, it’s 100% legit and secure.

The System will do the following for you:

• Creates the Product

• Creates the Sales Letters

• Process the Payment

• Handles the Customer Supports

Your own part is to direct traffic to the website; to get website visitors to visit your site after the system is set up. 

Once the visitors get to your system, the system will automatically capture their information and offer multiple affiliated products with your hop-link. Your hop-link is important here so that you get the commission when a sale is made.

Your work is to send potential customers to Products that are already created by the system. You’ve to create campaigns or ads, whichever is most appropriate for you. What’s important is to get as many products as possible in front of potential customers. This increases your chances of making sales.

We are going to look at certain ways and techniques the system teaches you to get visitors to your site:

• Building an Email List

Getting organic traffic is very good and important, but if you want to succeed at an online business, the first thing you need to learn is how to build your list. You must build the list of people within a specific niche you’ll promote your business to.

12 Minutes Affiliate Marketing system has simplified this by providing you with proven lead pages to help you build your list fast.

• Setting Up an Auto-responder

With an Auto-responder, your business runs on Auto-pilot. That means your business is fully automated and your system will make you money, even while you sleep.

It’s almost impossible to make a living online without an Auto-responder. This is because it handles all your email issues. Just prepare the emails and schedule them and the auto-responder will send them at the time scheduled.

• Funnels

12-Minutes Affiliate Marketing System have you covered here; they provide you with TESTED AND PROVEN funnels that are sure to convert your leads. All you need to do is select a template, customize it, and use it.

Funnels are very important to affiliate marketers today because they massively increase leads conversion into buying customers.

12-Minutes Affiliate Marketing System Reviews: Pros

• This system works on auto-pilot and doesn’t need your presence to work

• 12 Minutes Affiliate System has a strong Facebook group where you can make contacts and share ideas

• You don’t need to be a techie to get started, the system has already included everything needed to start

• It’s unarguably the best way to jumpstart your online business without stress since you stand on the shoulders of giants

• You are making cash even while you sleep

• The system is so cheap that its cost per day is not more than that of a cup of coffee

• Their teachings on Building an Email List, Auto-responder, and Funnels is so important that it’ll save you both money on ads and shorten the time it will take to make your first sales

• This Program is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee, in a nutshell, you’re not really spending your own money to try the system  

• Every review I’ve read about this Program has been positive

• This program is done online and powered by only, which means that if you visit the owner’s genuine website, you stand no chance of being scammed of your money

12 Minutes Affiliate Market System reviews: Cons

• You’ve to drive traffic to the site yourself, nobody will do this for you. You must devise a strategy to achieve this; advertise, or write a blog, or whatever is left to you 

• 12 Minutes Affiliate Marketing System, though good, won’t work magic immediately, it may need some time and you’ve to exercise patience

 12 Minutes Affiliate Marketing System Reviews: Program Pricing

A 14-day trial of the first part of the system will cost you only $9.95.

After the first 14 days, you pay $47 per month to continue to access the program.

Note: other parts cost separately.

You don’t really have to worry about the initial little cost you’ve to expand on this program as the rewards soon quickly overshadow the cost.

You shouldn’t forget these costs are only applicable today, almost every serious online entrepreneur is starting with this 12 Minutes affiliate System to make his first dollar online, so I understand that the demands are very high and prices will soon increase.

If you buy now, you’ll avoid the likely price increase.

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12 Minutes Affiliate Marketing System Reviews: Our Verdict

This system is the TESTED and PROVEN SURE METHOD to make your first bucks in Affiliate Marketing. It’s created by experts in the Affiliate Marketing niche, so, they already know what works and what doesn’t work. You’re only enjoying the fruits of their 7-year labor. As a beginner in online business, this system will jumpstart you.

If you’re also struggling and finding it difficult to make your first bucks online, I believe this system will help you. That was how I made my first online sales after I’ve struggled for 4 years. 

Even when you are making some bucks already but want to start making a living online, the 12 Minutes Affiliate Marketing System is still for you. It’ll automate your system and increase sales without taking more from your time.

This program works and it’s legit, it’s no scam. I’m giving the 12 Minutes Affiliate Marketing System a thumb up. I think it’s a program you’ve to try out. Besides, Davon Brown, the creator of the Program has backed his claim with a 60-day money-back guarantee. That means he is ready to bear the risk of this program alone. You’re not risking your money.

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